• Farm group speaks out in favor of using biosolids

    WHEATFIELD – State and local farm organizations are speaking out in favor of the use of biosolids as fertilizer and against the push to allow individual towns to ban their use.

    The statements from the Niagara County and New York State farm bureaus come as Quasar Energy Group is suing the Town of Wheatfield to try to overturn its biosolids ban, while several towns are asking the State Legislature to allow them the power to pass such bans, too.

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  • Ohio House OKs bill regulating fertilizer runoff

    COLUMBUS — Promising that it’s just one more step, the Ohio House today unanimously approved a bill designed to control agricultural fertilizer runoff that contributes to algal blooms on Lake Erie like those that briefly contaminated Toledo’s water supply last summer.

    Critics characterized the bill as not strong enough while backers of its provisions argued that the state has to proceed carefully so as not to undermine the state’s number-one industry.

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  • ResponsibleAg

    Learn More! Participate! Spread the word!

    Please view ResponisbleAg's new video on Youtube.

    Learn more about ResponsibleAg here.

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  • The Africa Fertilizer Volunteer's Program

    The AFVP launched a video calling on fertilizer experts to volunteer their time, knowledge and expertise in Africa.

    Please view the video on YouTube.

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  • Fertilizer Use to Surpass 200 Million Tonnes in 2018

    "16 February, 2015, Rome - Global fertilizer use is likely to rise above 200.5 million tonnes in 2018, 25 percent higher than recorded in 2008.

    World fertilizer consumption will grow by 1.8 percent a year through 2018, according to FAO's new report "World fertilizer trends and outlook to 2018."

    At the same time "the global capacity of fertilizer products, intermediates and raw materials will increase further," the report said.

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  • Fertilizer plant looks to Bismarck for water

    "Without water, a proposed fertilizer plant near Jamestown can't be built.

    CHS Inc. announced in late 2014 it would continue with plans to construct a $3 billion fertilizer plant to open in 2018. Since then, it has failed to find a local source of water to operate it. Its next option is a pipeline to the Missouri River.

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  • Climate Change’s Bottom Line

    "It was 8 degrees in Minneapolis on a recent January day, and out on Interstate 394, snow whipped against the windshields of drivers on their morning commutes.

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  • Africa’s Economy Is Rising. Now What Happens to Its Food?

    "For decades, the economies of Africa were the world’s economic laggards. They aren’t anymore. Over the last decade, Africa’s per capita income has grown at a rate nearly identical to that of the rest of the world.

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  • Putting More Food on Africa's Table

    "LAST year Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, invested $1 billion into rice production in Nigeria. This new investment is in support of the Nigerian Government’s plan to attain food sufficiency and become a net-exporter of rice by 2015.

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  • ResponsibleAg auditor course recognized by BEAC

    "The Asmark Institute announced the ResponsibleAg Auditor Training Course has received recognition from the Board of Environmental, Health and Safety Auditor Certifications (BEAC).  The course is designed specifically for auditors who intend to perform facility assessments under the ResponsibleAg Certification Program.  BEAC’s recognition of the course is based on a comprehensive evaluation of course content, training materials, course environment and instructor qualifications.  The ResponsibleAg Auditor Training Course joins other training programs recognized by B

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