• One Acre Fund gala aids African farmers

    "The eighth annual One Acre Fund gala at Navy Pier's Grand Ballroom attracted more than 300 guests Dec. 11. Co-founded by Andrew Youn and John Gachunga in 2006, One Acre Fund's mission is to supply small farmers in Africa with the tools and financing they need to grow their way out of hunger and poverty.

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  • Make Agriculture Responsibility Part Of Your New Year’s Resolutions

    "At the start of the new year, many of us make a resolution — usually to do something better. My FFAA resolution for 2015 is to raise awareness of the resolutions already adopted and in place by the Florida agchem industry regarding regulatory compliance and workplace safety.

    The unsung heroes in this industry are those whose everyday commitment to safety and security means growers continue to have access to essential crop inputs, which help them grow better. These professionals never waver in their resolution to safeguard their coworkers and communities.

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  • Unlocking the future of African agriculture

    "It is often said that a house is only as strong as the foundation upon which it sits. The same may be said for the importance of soils in keeping our agricultural sector productive, sustainable and resilient.

    Soils are the cornerstone of our food chain, yet they receive scant attention or recognition for the role they play. For this reason, the United Nations has declared 2015 as the International Year of Soils – to raise awareness while coordinating various sectors’ efforts to research and care for soils.

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  • China looking to curb fertilizer, pesticide use

    "BEIJING (Reuters) - China, the world's top producer of rice and wheat, is seeking to cap the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that have helped to contaminate large swathes of its arable land and threaten its ability to keep up with domestic food demand.

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  • Smallholders Access to Fertilizers

    African leaders and farmers need to launch an agricultural revolution to eradicate hunger and malnutrition on the continent within a lifetime.

    This is a new campaign by IFA and its partners in conjunction with the FAO 2014 International Year of Family Farming and the African Union 2014 Year of Agriculture.

    View the video on YouTube.

    Read more from International Fertilizer Industry Association.

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  • Asmark Institute’s New Training Center Focused On Responsible Ag

    "The Asmark Institute hosted a dedication ceremony to commemorate the launch of the Ford B. West Center for Responsible Agriculture on October 27 in Owensboro, KY. Named after the former President of The Fertilizer Institute (TFI), who retired in 2013 after 34 years of service to TFI, the facility will be used as a national training and education center for personnel employed in the agricultural nutrient industry.

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  • Sherritt Wins Prestigious Sustainable Business Award

    TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Nov. 5, 2014) -


    "Sherritt International Corporation ("Sherritt") (TSX:S) is pleased to announce that it has won the Nedbank Capital Sustainable Business Award in the Resources and non-Renewable Energy category for its Ambatovy Joint Venture Biodiversity Program in Madagascar. The corporation and its partners are being recognized for excellence in sustainable business practices in Africa.

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  • Critics of Gates’ ag programs bring the battle to Seattle

    "In Kenya, where he works with small farmers, Daniel Maingi “failed miserably” in his attempts to connect with agricultural organizations funded by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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  • Fall fertilizer application helps reduce risk of damage

    "With the annual debate between farmers on whether it's best to fertilize in the fall or the spring, Dr. Robert Mullen, PotashCorp director of agronomy and eKonomics contributor, provides five reasons that point to fall being the best time to fertilize.

    Mullen's first reason to apply fertilizer during the fall is that it's logistically more manageable for farmers.

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  • Commentary: Bad news on biofuels

    "The Environmental Protection Agency announced that it remains “committed to biofuels” and that its goal is to put the renewable fuels program “on a path that supports continued growth.”

    Let me translate that into English: “We’re cutting back on the ethanol mandate, mainly because of pressure from the oil industry, but we’ll pretend that the program is still full speed ahead because we don’t need any backlash from ethanol investors.”

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