Fertilizer News

  • Rain, nitrogen and the 2013 corn crop: How to prevent N loss

    "Growers need to evaluate their situation to determine best nitrogen practices as wet weather continues and nitrogen loss becomes a possibility.
    For many, the rush to get the corn crop planted this year meant modifying or abandoning...

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  • Study sees climate upside in greening arid regions

    "An upside to climate change? The issue has been blamed for many problems, including more acidic oceans and rising pollen counts, but a study released Friday suggests a benefit: Arid regions are getting greener.
    Satellite data since...

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  • A Failure to Police Chemical Plants

    "The deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Tex., in April has highlighted glaring shortcomings in federal and state regulation of facilities that produce, store and use toxic chemicals.
    The casualties in Texas — 14...

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