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  • Bull Market?

    Last week, the FAO reported an increase in food prices for the eighth consecutive month.   Certainly current fundamentals suggest longer term prosperity in agriculture, as commodity crop prices remain strong in...

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  • Sensor Tells iPhone When Plants are Thirsty

    From the WSJ: This gadget is for anybody who declares they have an uncanny knack for killing plants. But if they were honest, they would admit that their problem is lack of attention to water, fertilizer and all the other things which...

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  • Asian Crossroads

    This year's IFA regional conference in Hanoi seems even more productive than ever. Registered attendance was 280, with a few more hitch-hikers working the shadows. The Intercontinental Hotel was excellent, serving as a real...

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  • A View from Shanghai

    We write this post from Shanghai as an unseen morning sun rises shrouded by dense smog.   We are here for the IFA's 77th annual conference in one of China's most modern cities.  Shanghai is a showcase of China's...

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  • Contemplating Cap and Trade

    There are significant developments underway in the “Greenhouse Gas” arena. None of which are good news for the fertilizer industry, or for that matter, those of us who have gotten into the habit of regularly eating three meals...

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