• One Acre Fund gala aids African farmers

    "The eighth annual One Acre Fund gala at Navy Pier's Grand Ballroom attracted more than 300 guests Dec. 11. Co-founded by Andrew Youn and John Gachunga in 2006, One Acre Fund's mission is to supply small farmers in Africa with...

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  • Make Agriculture Responsibility Part Of Your New Year’s Resolutions

    "At the start of the new year, many of us make a resolution — usually to do something better. My FFAA resolution for 2015 is to raise awareness of the resolutions already adopted and in place by the Florida agchem industry...

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  • Unlocking the future of African agriculture

    "It is often said that a house is only as strong as the foundation upon which it sits. The same may be said for the importance of soils in keeping our agricultural sector productive, sustainable and resilient.
    Soils are the...

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  • China looking to curb fertilizer, pesticide use

    "BEIJING (Reuters) - China, the world's top producer of rice and wheat, is seeking to cap the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that have helped to contaminate large swathes of its arable land and threaten its ability to...

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  • Smallholders Access to Fertilizers

    African leaders and farmers need to launch an agricultural revolution to eradicate hunger and malnutrition on the continent within a lifetime.
    This is a new campaign by IFA and its partners in conjunction with the FAO 2014 International...

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