• California's Drought: Cut and Dried

    "CALIFORNIA is no longer taking a laid-back approach to its water crisis. This week, for the first time in its history, the Golden State imposed mandatory restrictions on water use. The measure follows four years of severe drought and...

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  • Farm group speaks out in favor of using biosolids

    WHEATFIELD – State and local farm organizations are speaking out in favor of the use of biosolids as fertilizer and against the push to allow individual towns to ban their use.
    The statements from the Niagara County and New York...

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  • Ohio House OKs bill regulating fertilizer runoff

    COLUMBUS — Promising that it’s just one more step, the Ohio House today unanimously approved a bill designed to control agricultural fertilizer runoff that contributes to algal blooms on Lake Erie like those that briefly...

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  • ResponsibleAg

    Learn More! Participate! Spread the word!
    Please view ResponisbleAg's new video on Youtube.
    Learn more about ResponsibleAg here.

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  • The Africa Fertilizer Volunteer's Program

    The AFVP launched a video calling on fertilizer experts to volunteer their time, knowledge and expertise in Africa.
    Please view the video on YouTube.

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